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Nighttime Ghost Tours


Voted one of the 10 Best Ghost Tours in the US by USA Today's "10 Best" two years in a row!

Our evening tour is an eerie experience not to be missed!  We travel to some of the most haunted sites in America and tell you the bone-chilling stories behind each haunting! 

Learn about the history behind these amazing locations and about the tools that early ghost hunters would have used to examine these phenomena.  We will also tell you about some of history's most famous Gothic horror authors and the real events here in Salem that inspired such legends as H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, and Salem's own Nathaniel Hawthorne.  

8:00 pm April-November with Additional Times in October  -   $25 Adult  $10 Child


We offer Salem's first and spookiest Adults-Only Tour!

Our late night tour is one hour of the darkest and most terrifying tales Salem has to offer. Hear the horrific details behind the cruel and unjust torture of Giles Corey, the murder of Captain White that caused headlines to proclaim Salem was forever stained in blood,

the chilling reasons for some of Salem's most famous hauntings, and much more!

We strongly recommend this tour for ages 16+ due to the graphic nature of the stories told, including description of torture, murder, and the unearthing of graves.

10:00 pm  Saturdays July-August and October Fri-Sat  -   $22 Adult 

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