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Daytime Historic Tours


Our daytime historic tour is a story of Pirates and Puritans, Witchcraft and War.  We travel around the city of Salem and relate stories of its amazing influence on this country's history.  Witness the stunning architecture of the past four hundred years.  From its humble beginnings as a city founded on the idea of peace for all, to the site of the largest incident of witchcraft Hysteria in the modern world and beyond.  Learn how it became the site of the first spilled blood of the Revolutionary War, played host to some of the most famous authors of all time, and experience the truth behind some of the biggest secrets this city has to offer!

2:00 pm April and October   -   $25 Adult  $10 Child


A first of its kind tour of Salem! Start by joining us for an hour long walking tour through Salem's varied history. Learn about the infamous Witchcraft Trials of 1692, Crime and Punishment, our part in the beginnings of the Revolutionary War, and Murder and Betrayal among Salem's elite. Then board our chartered vessel, "The Naumkeag" provided by Essex Heritage, for a unique view of Salem's harborfront by sea, and hear stories from Salem's Golden Age of Sail, including our famous Nathaniels; Hawthorne and Bowditch,

who revolutionized literature and navigation, and how Salem was connected to

the first and last Captains hanged for Piracy in America!

2:00 pm Saturdays 3:00 pm Sundays   -   $45 Adult  $30 Child


Take an intimate one hour tour with Daniel Fury, author of the first book about America's oldest Colonial Cemetery, through the newly renovated site. Beginning with a discussion on the events of the Witchcraft Hysteria, then moving into the Burying Point itself to learn about the unique individuals that made up the tapestry of Salem for its first few hundred years. Visit the last resting places of a Mayflower passenger, Witchcraft Trial judges, innocent children, and members of both high society and the working class.

The Old Burying Point is the best place to learn both the great deeds and

unbelievable scandals of Salem's most remarkable figures!

12:00 pm  April-September  -   $22 Adult  $10 Child

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