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Frequently Asked Questions

If we haven't answered your question here, please feel free to contact us via email, FB Messenger, or phone call/text 978.239.9145!

What times do your tours take place?

We are open year round (by appointment Dec-Feb).  Our current tour times are variable depending on the day. We ask that you check our FareHarbor Calendar for our currently available tours.

How long are the tours?

Our walking tours take about an hour and a half to 2 hours, though some groups move more quickly and have fewer questions and take less time, there are also tours which need to move more slowly and have more questions, an hour and 45 minutes is a fair average tour length. Our Land & Sea tours are approximately two hours and 15 minutes. Please be aware that on weekends in October our tours move more slowly as there are many more tour groups out!







Are we allowed to smoke during the tour?

We ask that you please refrain from smoking during the duration of the tour.  Several of our guides are allergic to cigarette smoke, so for their health and safety, and out of consideration for your fellow tourgoers please wait until the tour is complete!

How far will we be walking?

The actual distance travelled is less than a mile.  Please bring comfortable footwear and weather appropriate clothing.  We go out in most weather conditions, and have umbrellas for your comfort if needed.

Can I take photographs/audio/video recordings?

Cameras are welcome and encouraged!  We ask you politely to keep your video and audio recordings of our tour guides very short.  You will be welcome to return to any of the sites we are visiting after the tour to take full recordings, however our tour is copyrighted, and we would prefer it not be posted in its entirety.

Can I bring food or drink with me?

We are happy to allow you to bring beverages and munchies with you within reason.  Please bear in mind that consuming a three course meal on foot would make it difficult to keep up with the group.  Salem has an excellent recycling program and there are solar compactors in several locations on our walk, please help keep our city clean by using them if needed!

Will I see a ghost/how scary is the ghost tour?

While we cannot guarantee that you will see a ghost, we take pride in the spooky nature of the stories we are sharing with you and feel assured you will be chilled by them.  This is not a haunted house, however, nobody will jump out to scare you!  If at any time you see someone or something that does not seem right, please inform your guide!


What are your prices/do you have a group rate?

Our prices are set by the average cost of a walking tour in town.  Currently, our price for an adult ticket of our Historic and Ghostly tours is $28, with child price tickets at $12 each. 

Our late night tour, the 10pm Black Cat Moonlight Prowl is $24 for adults, and not recommended for children! Our One hour cemetery tour is also $24. Our land & Sea is

$45 for adults, $30 for children.

Special pricing for larger school groups and private tours is available! Please note, we are often unable to provide private tours during evenings in October, but feel free to contact us to check!

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