What We Do


Salem Black Cat Tours offers a unique adventure that delves into the true history of the city and its legacy of  terrifying hauntings.  Our guides are master storytellers, and will immerse you in the fascinating tales of the city where great stories begin!  Tours start off at 8pm for our evening ghostly tour during the regular season, but we add additional times in October, and our History tours take place weekend afternoons at 2pm.  Each tour takes about an hour and a half to two hours depending on your group's speed and number of questions.  You will not be rushed at any time as we want you to have a full experience!  The distance we travel is less than a mile, but we do suggest comfortable footwear and appropriate dress for the season.  We go out rain or shine, and have umbrellas for our guests, but you are welcome to bring your own!  Cameras are welcomed and strongly encouraged, however recording of more than 5 minutes of our tour is not allowed!



All of our history has been thoroughly researched by us and fact checked by experts in the field and local historians.  All of our ghost stories are true accounts as have been told throughout the centuries in Salem's history, or newer stories that have been corroborated by multiple witnesses.


Who We Are


Salem Black Cat Tours is owned and operated by Lara and Daniel Fury.  Together they have nearly 30 years of experience as historical guides to share with you!  Their special areas of expertise are on the maritime history and pirates who have plundered our shores and the romantic literary figures who have graced our fair city, as well as the many, many tales of hauntings that are assured to send a chill up your spine! Daniel and Lara have been featured on the Travel Channel and History Channel as experts on both Salem's History and Hauntings!

In 2019 they published their first book, Black Cat Tales: History and Hauntings of Old Salem.

Our Guides are some of the most talented storytellers in the Greater Boston area, and are a delightfully eclectic mix of actors and historians, each with their own particular specialties and stories. When you take a tour with Black Cat, you will always have a completely unique experience, as we are unscripted, meaning we can include any particular areas of interest for your group AT ANY TIME!


Our Feline Companions


Our black cats are Rameses The Great, who does not join us on the tours, but is a longtime Salem resident and our research assistant.  Our other black cat is the spectral Gypsy, who is no longer with us physically, but whom you may see with us out and about exploring!