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Pirates and Grog


Going back to the days of the swashbucking high seas, all manner of seafarers have turned to grog with lemons or limes, or its sweeter variant "bumbo" as a way of keeping water drinkable, preventing scurvy and making the days on board ship just a little bit merrier!  Grog was originally a simple mix of water and rum, but has taken on many variants over the years.  

The word likely comes from the coat of grogham cloth worn by Vice Admiral Vernon of the British Navy who put in a specific order for his men to have 2 rations of the mixture daily, starting on the 21st of August, 1740.


Gatherered below are three of our favorite recipes, two traditional, and one of our very own!



Traditional Royal Navy Grog


"One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong, four of weak…"


A splash of lemon or lime juice

Sugar and Spice

2 oz of rum, spiced, dark, or both (Pusser's is traditional)

24 oz ale and water

Garnish with Lemon



Caribbean Grog (Bumbo)


Best served as a punch


A blend of orange juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple juice

Light Rum to taste

Hot or cold water depending on the season



Garnish with Orange




Anne Bonney's Skinny Grog


For the Health Conscious Pirate!  Less than 100 calories and very low sugar.


Find a tropical flavored seltzer water you enjoy (We're partial to Coconut Pineapple)

2 oz dark rum

2 oz spiced rum

A splash of key lime juice

A pinch of grog spice blend

Garnish with Lime













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