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Social distancing Ghost Image by Tandem X Visuals

What Are We Doing About Covid-19? - Updated 5/12/21

Ghosts are master social distancers, so we should be fine, right? 

In all seriousness, this virus has affected all tourism industries in an unprecedented way, and day by day the landscape of our industry is changing.

So what is Black Cat planning going forward?

As of right now we have made a few major changes to our business model:

First, all guests MUST wear a mask during their tour and interactions with your guide if requested to do so. Our policy will be based on the current situation on a local and state level, and may be fluid. You will be required to agree to this when purchasing your ticket.

Your guide will maintain a minimum social distance of 6 feet during your tour.

Second, we have changed our route!

Our previous route took us through some of Salem's busiest areas, and with patio dining increasing we have lost several safe areas to stop for our tours, so we have a new route taking you to a few new locations that we have only been able to visit on private tours previously!

Third, we are currently limiting our tours to 30 people, 30 guests per guide.

There is no current State mandated limit, but we are doing this for the comfort and safety

of our guides and our guests.

Finally, due to the limitation on the number of guests, the average price for tours in Salem has risen. We have raised our price to $22 to remain in line with other members of

The Salem Tour Association.

We are committed to our decision to make our tours available to anyone,

regardless of financial situation.

If you would like to attend but cannot afford the price for your group, please contact us to discuss options for a discounted tour.

We adore our customers, and are working on more ways to get our product to you in other forms, such as our In Production show, "Ghost Maybe?" and dropping the price of our book, "Black Cat Tales: History and Hauntings of Old Salem" with work being done on Volume Two.

So please bear with us during this time, and hopefully we can see you all soon.

Stay Safe Out There.

Lara and Daniel Fury

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