Daytime Historic Tour 

Our daytime historic tour is a story of Pirates and Puritans, Witchcraft and War.  We travel around the city of Salem and relate stories of its amazing influence on this country's history.  View the ancient burial grounds that are the eternal resting places of some of our country's most prominent figures, witness the stunning architecture of the past three centuries, and set foot on the same waterfront that saw trade from the furthest port of the rich East.  From its humble beginnings as a city founded on the idea of peace for all, to the site of the largest incident of witchcraft Hysteria in the modern world and beyond.  Learn how it became the site of the first spilled blood of the Revolutionary War, played host to some of the most famous authors of all time, and experience the truth behind some of the biggest secrets this city has to offer!


Our daytime tour starts at 2pm.  Please arrive a bit early so we can check your tickets.  Cameras are welcome and encouraged!  We go out rain or shine, please feel free to bring an umbrella, and we will have some available for our patrons as well.  The tour takes about an hour and a half to two hours depending on your particular group and the number of questions asked.  You will not be rushed, but we do need to cover a lot of ground.  The actual walking distance is less than a mile, so please wear comfortable footgear and weather appropriate clothing!

PLEASE NOTE: This autumn season our day tours will not be able to enter the Old Burying Point Cemetery due to upcoming renovations.